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The SMITH MINIPLANE 2000 BIPLANE is right out of the back of every airplane enthusiast's mind. There have been hundreds of the original Smith Miniplane Biplanes built and flying today. It's the perfect escape machine. If there was another name for this Biplane it would more than likely be called, Fun. Fun to build and fun to fly. We have all dreamed owning a biplane, but some how many of us never get past the dream stage.

Well we are out to change all that. We at Sky Classic Aircraft are dedicated and excited to introduce this new 2000 version of the Smith Miniplane Biplane. We are gearrd up to offer the plans and most of the parts and pieces to allow you to build fast, easy, and as inexpensive as possible.

We are in the process of building up a new prototype of the new version of the Smith Miniplane 2000. We have simplified many of the parts and pieces on the aircraft to make it easier to build. We have also changed a few things to help the flight characteristics. Below is a list of changes.

1) New wing fittings to simplify building.
2) Stretched the length of the fuselage by 5 inches to accommodate a larger person.
3) Stretched the width of the fuselage by 2 inches to accommodate a larger person.
(In the original version a large person had problems getting in and out of the aircraft.)
4) Added a trim tab to the elevator.
5) Reshaped the rudder assembly to look more racy.
6) Added struts to the horizontal stabilizer to stop any cracking like the Pitts did.
7) Changed the wing foil to a NASA 23013. Good for aerobatics yet very stable with less drag.
8) Changed the wing angles of attack to fix an old problem on the old aircraft.
9) Reduced the rudder control speed to make it just a little easier to fly.
10) Aircraft plans on computer CAD so that they are easy to read.
11) Adding springs to the original type landing gear.

As you can see we are not making any major changes and most of these changes have already been done to the original Smith Miniplanes by other builders.

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